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The L.E.S., LLC Collection agency provides debt recovery services for any size business and across every industry. Whether your company has one delinquent  receivable or hundreds, we can take on your case load and get you paid.

We make sure  that you are given every opportunity to collect your company's debts, whether large or small, old or new.  We utilize a variety of approaches to communicate with debtors, taking a personal approach that has proven highly successful. We endeavor to be empathetic and understanding of everyone's needs, both clients and debtors, which is truly the L.E.S. difference. This is proven in our success rate that far exceeds the industry average.

We work with you to find the best solution for your collection needs. With your prior approval, we negotiate settlements, payment plans or, in those cases where debtors are unresponsive, we assist in bringing these matters to court for resolution.

Another way our agency assists our clients is to help in accelerating the payment of their accounts receivable. While some debtors are not necessarily intending to be delinquent with their bills, they may just be stretching out the process, and instead of paying their bills  Net 30, 60 or even 90 days, they take 150 or 180 days. As you know, this can have a significant effect on your cash flow. There is a great deal of value in accelerating payment of your receivables. Utilizing a personal approach that emphasizes relationship building we have developed what we call “compassionate collections”.  A polite, professional and even friendly demeanor emphasizes our caring about everyone for and from whom we collect. This human element encourages the debtor to make their payments in a timely fashion. Our 30 years of experience and our extraordinary results prove that “ compassionate collections” work.

We are aware that clients are concerned with the cost of services. Therefore, every effort has been made to keep our collection fee percentage at the lower end of commonly accepted rates. In order to do so, we charge a small administrative fee when you engage our collection efforts. Where there may be long term receivable issues, we offer to perform our services on a monthly stipend basis thereby eliminating our administrative fees and fee percentage for collection.

We look forward to having the opportunity to provide you collection services. You can focus your valuable time and energy on those aspects of your business that need them the most and leave the stress of chasing to us. After you fill out the contact form and send it to us, we will contact you within one business day.

There are no guarantees of a successful collection. However, we guarantee a maximum effort to get you paid by taking the hard work off your hands and practicing “ compassionate collections” on your behalf. We hope to add your company to our list of more than satisfied clients

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